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Break through the barriers of pain and enjoy the freedom of health

Velca is a family owned and operated, Award Winning Health Centre in Howick, Auckland founded by Jesse Cleave, his wife Shanalyn and his brother Troy.

Our purpose is to make a positive difference in the lives of our patients, whether it’s by enabling them to lift their child for a hug or giving them back the ability to put their socks on in the morning. We are here to help our clients break free from pain by providing a comprehensive, holistic well being package.

One stop for pain relief, health and fitness

It’s our job at Velca to help you feel better; fast. We endeavour to provide everything you need from chiropractic treatments, nutrition, physiotherapy and therapeutic massage to maintaining a higher level of fitness with a personal trainer.

We don’t do cheap fixes. We believe in working together with our patients to correct the underlying causes of their problems while inspiring positive changes that lead toward a healthy lifestyle free from injury and illness.


  • 2016 – Highly Commended Professional Business, Best use of Technology, Best Employee
  • 2015 – Highly Commended Professional Business
  • 2014 – Best Professional Service Business, Best use of Technology
  • 2013 – Highly Commended Professional Business, Runner Up Best Professional Service Business, Best use of Technology

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Howick Village Business Award Winners



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