Fitness Training

What is Fitness Training?

Fitness training refers to exercise that improves overall health, facilitates weight loss and strengthens the body as a whole. Rather than building muscle or toning the body in order to be suited to a particular sport, fitness training focuses on appearance, confidence and wellbeing.

Exercise plays a huge part in fitness training, but other components like diet and routine are incredibly important if you want to see results. At Velca Health Centre, fitness and strength training are two important aspects of the personal fitness programs that we offer our clients. Massage therapy and chiropractic care are key in our holistic approach to health and help our clients free themselves from pain, but fitness training and a change in lifestyle is often crucial in creating permanent and lasting relief.


Why Do I Need Fitness Training?

Clients come to us with all sorts of aches and pains that prevent them from living life the way they want. Repetitive injuries, back pain, knee pain and joint pain can be incredibly inhibiting – but nothing is more inhibiting than an unhealthy lifestyle. Fitness training not only helps to prevent pain from recurring by strengthening the body and improving the cardiovascular system;it also helps you to get healthy and stay healthy by promoting positive changes.


Injury recovery

General fitness is an important part of injury rehabilitation and recovery. Chiropractic care and/or Massage therapy is often only the beginning of restoring motion and function – a personal trainer at Velca can work with you on preventing an injury from returning and making your body stronger and more resilient than ever before.


Weight loss

Focus, determination and a balance in your life between fitness and nutrition can greatly contribute to successful  weight loss. Knowing how to set goals and improve your level of fitness is the most important part of getting the body you’ve always wanted.


Injury prevention

The stronger your body is, the more injury-resilient it will be. Chiropractic and massage therapy can help relieve pain, but preventing its return means working on the affected areas. A higher level of fitness can ward off back pain, neck pain, joint pain and knee pain, letting you lead the lifestyle that you want without having to grit your teeth or limit your movements.


Is Fitness Training Going to Help Me?

Fitness training can help almost anyone. Our personal trainers, at Velca Health Centre in Auckland, can work with you on setting and achieving your goals in weight loss and fitness as part of our unique Velca Method and our holistic approach to health.

Break free from pain; enjoy a permanent solution at Velca Health Centre and a higher level of fitness with fitness training. You’ll feel stronger, more confident and ready to take on all of life’s challenges.


Correct – Relax – Strengthen

At Velca, we approach pain with a three-step method that aims to correct, relax and strengthen the body – supporting good health and providing permanent solutions rather than temporary fixes. Through a mix of chiropractic and massage therapies alongside a strong focus on physical fitness, you’ll find that the Velca Method is by far the most effective to ease suffering and inspire healthy living.


Chiropractic - Through chiropractic care, we aim to correct spinal dysfunction, bad posture and habits that lead to pain. The chiropractic services we offer are the first step to identifying problems, alleviating suffering and breaking free from pain.


Massage Therapy – Helping you to relax, loosen the muscles and find relief, massage therapy is our second step that improves circulation and works pain out of the body. Relaxing is a key part of eliminating pain while it paves the way to improve your overall health and well being.


Personal strength and fitness training - Fortifying the body through personal fitness and better health, our fitness programs are tailored to you to help strengthen the body and prevent pain from returning. We want to enable you to break free from pain to live a healthier, more enjoyable life.


Visit the Velca Health Centre in Howick for a holistic approach to your well being. We don’t just offer chiropractic or massage services, we work to better your life in every aspect by improving your health and preventing pain from returning. Break free from pain – call us today  to find relief through massage therapychiropractic carephysiotherapynutritionpersonal training, and a positive focus on fitness and health.

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